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What makes a person be called, “A Total Package?”

Posted: August 12, 2019

When you hear the phrase “total package” who or what comes to your mind? While it may depend on the activity it typically reserved for those who have distinguished themselves at a high level in a particular area but have done so while still maintaining a balance that makes them full and complete.

We can’t call a teacher a “total package” if his command of the curriculum is strong but he has no rapport with his students.

We can’t call a business person a “total package” if her success has come at the expense of her family.

3 More Must Do’s to make your Summer Great! Part 2

Posted: August 06, 2019

As mentioned in the last blog, we are two thirds of the way through July and you may start to have the feelings of Fall is going to be here before you know it. As a way of tempering the evil thoughts that keep you away from being fully present and enjoying every ray of our sunshine season I would like to share a three more things that you can do which will help up your level of enjoyment this summer.

4. Take in a baseball Game with a friend or family member! Baseball is a slow enough moving sport that you can really enjoy great company while still enjoying the game. What’s nice about the area we live in is that for a small amount of money you can see some fantastic minor league teams that are very entertaining to watch. I went to the Pawtucket Red Sox game and treated myself to a premium seat for $15 with FREE parking of course. The seat was so close to the first base line that I switched my seat to about 12 rows back just to have a more full view of the field. While I tend to prefer faster paced sports, I can tell you for passive entertainment and great conversation it is a great summer time tradition.

5. Whale watching or fishing Depending on your preference either can be a lot of fun and a nice way to get away from the routine of your day. To live in this area and not enjoy the opportunity to see the largest mammals in the world in their natural habitat is a missed opportunity for a truly awesome site. Fishing is nice because it can be as simple a rod, reel a worm and fresh water or salt water fishing for tuna. Whichever you choose, each will create the space for you to be focused and still.

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