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But It’s Cold Outside: Tips to Keep You Fit When You’re Stuck Inside

Posted: January 31, 2020

Getting enough exercise and staying fit is one of those things that sends positive shockwaves throughout the rest of your life. It improves your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Science has backed this up for years. So, when it’s cold outside and we slack off, we tend to have a higher risk of health problems, depression, seasonal disorders, and more.

Here are some tips for staying on course even when you’re stuck inside.

Put on a Video

My Top 5 Reasons Why Personal Best’s 90-Day Fitness Challenge Really Work

Posted: January 15, 2020

The Teaching Team –  Everyone who is on our teaching team has gone through the 90-Day Fitness Challenge already.  They know what it takes and what you will need to succeed  Peer Support -  It may be one of the hidden secrets to why the approach we use produces consistently above average results.  In-Person Check-ins -  In fitness, making the right adjustments and course corrections at the right time based on what the data is saying is what gets you the results you want.  Customized Nutrition For You -  We do not subscribe to fads and we know too much to think that one way of eating is right for everyone, it isn’t.   You will learn what works for you as the 90 days cracks the code on what delivers the best results for you.  

What if??????

Posted: January 08, 2020

As you look to your new year’s goals you go through the arduous process of choosing, creating action plans, target dates, check-in etc.  all super important to ensure you are able to eventually reach the outcome.  Inevitably, no matter how certain you are of your plan, the human experience ensures that doubts will creep in.  Instead of resisting, keep track of them to see if there is an instruction that can be derived.  After this step, a great exercise is to take the time to imagine what life will be like with the goal attained.  How will you feel, who will it positively affect, what improvements will it make, how will it make your life easier?  If the goal is truly the right one, answering these questions will change the way you feel reignite and your energy and passion for why it is not a should but a must!!!!  

Using Procrastination in Setting Your Goals

Posted: January 06, 2020

When your motivation is high and you are feeling like you can and will conquer the world and you have a fresh start in the new year to make everything just the way you want, write it all down and then...procrastinate! I guess everything in life does, after all, have its place. Procrastination is actually quite useful in this situation when you apply it correctly to allow 24 hours to pass before you write your final draft. I have heard some thought leaders suggest coming back to a list of 12 goals, and tasking yourself to get the number down to 8, then coming back a day later and stretching yourself and your team to get it down to 6 or 4 or 3. The discipline of using procrastination in this manner prevents you from diverting your focus to things that at first glance seem worthy but ultimately will only diffuse time and energy away from what is most important. Give your goals the “procrastination test” to see if you can get it to sharpen your focus.


A Refreshing Approach to Goal Setting

Posted: January 05, 2020

Goal setting at the beginning of the year seems to be a “given”, after all, who doesn’t want to have continued success in the future.  And while all of the goal-setting models when followed, seem to produce a result what oftentimes is missing their focus on the fun of the journey.  It usually follows a: what do you want to do?, why do you want to do it? and how long until it’s complete? But, as you can see, no attention is given to doing it in a way that is enjoyable.  The presupposition is that the reward will justify the sacrifice and while that may be true in the short term, to hit a fitness goal it will not sustain itself over time unless you focus on enjoyment in the journey. 

Look at the goals you have set and ask yourself, what, why and how long and then spend the rest of your time on upping the enjoyment factor, by doing simple things like, including friends on the journey, changing the time of day you do the work, adding music, rewarding yourself in little increments along the way, etc.   Ask yourself if the end game was to make the journey to the destination as fun as possible, would your plan be compelling enough to win? Remember you don’t score extra points for misery. Have fun, make the journey memorable and enjoy the rewards of your success.  

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