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Four tips on Personal Protection with your children

Posted: December 26, 2017

By Master Christopher Rappold

When I conduct self-defense seminars, I frequently am asked questions about being alone in a dark parking lot. The simple answer always follows… DON’T BE! With so many more options for parking, always choose lit spots over dark allies and whenever possible to be sure to park in populated areas. Bright lights and lots of people will take care of 95 percent of it and allow you to feel safe.

While we have a choice in most cases of where to park, we often don’t have the choice of not having our children with us. And while I will tell you that the stats on child abduction are somewhere as likely as getting hit by lightening, it does happen. So as a parent what are a few things we can do to keep our younger children when they are with us safe?

Invest $4 to receive $96 back

Posted: December 26, 2017

By Master Christopher Rappold

The ultimate leverage for a healthy life: invest $4 and get back $96. How good does that sound to you?  Do the math; it is a 24,000% return!!  Imagine going to Las Vegas with those odds in your favor, I don’t think they would have the money left to build anymore big resorts.  What about investing money in the stock market?  You invest $4 and you get back $96, again a 24,000% return!  Won’t be too long before you are purchasing a second home and an island to put it on.  

When we think in terms of examples like these, it is clear to see the power of the investment. But invest 4% of our day (ONE hour) to give yourself the other 96% (23 hours) of being more productive, less stressed and able to enjoy a deeper more restful sleep, some will still turn away, citing everything from “I don’t have enough time” to “it’s just not for me.”    

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