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Three Tips to Prepare for Back to School

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold


Though you may find yourself still basking in the sun of the summer, we all know that right around the corner is back to school.  As with any transition, it can be challenging if not approached correctly.  With this in mind, here are three tips to help get you ready for the school year to come.

Back to school Butterflies that feel like Dragons

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

Can you think back to the time when you were starting a new school year? For some of us it is a far off distant memory. It can be so easy as a parent to simply fall into the thinking of, “don’t worry, be happy” or “what’s the big deal”. Imagine though, for a moment, how you would be feeling on your first day starting a new job. In adult terms that is probably closest to the potential of how your child feels going to school on their first few days.

Knowing this, I wanted to offer some helpful tips shared with me over the year by some amazing Personal Best Parents.

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