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The Great Parenting Contradiction

Posted: May 17, 2019

“I want my child to have self-discipline but I don’t want them to do anything they don’t want to do.”

By Master Christopher Rappold

As a parent, I would be the first to admit we have to choose our battles at times. With everything from what to eat, what to wear, how to act, to scheduling everything from homework to bedtime and the fact that unlike a 9 – 5 job, as a parent you never get to punch out. It is understandable why parenting has been called the toughest job in the world.

Karate Classes in Medfield - 15 Common Teen Peer Pressure Traps

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

Peer pressure can be tough to deal with. But it will help you to remember that you do have choices. Here are some of the situations in which you may encounter peer pressure.

1. Everyone else likes a certain kind of music that you don’t care for.

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