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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

We understand how difficult it is to plan healthy meals and exercise, but we're here to help!

Face it, you don’t have youth on your side, your metabolism has slowed, you have some aches, pains, and physical limitations that didn’t use to be there. You’ve seen your doctor and it’s been confirmed yet again, you have to eat better and get daily exercise but you’ve tried it in the past and all you get is soreness and starvation with no physical change. You just can’t seem to get the consistency to keep on the path and the idea of jumping into a fast-paced, high-energy class with people who are younger, stronger, and in better shape doesn’t sound like a motivating starting point. Honestly why put yourself through that!

Whole Body Revolution is a completely customized program that gives you all the pieces you need to finally get the health, fitness, and sustainable lifestyle changes you’ve wanted.

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Personal Best Karate'S Whole Body Revolution Helps Transform Your Life BY:

Fits Your Schedule!

Builds Self-Confidence

Customized Daily Menus


Here’s What I Provide!

• Eight Week Morning Program, Start Anytime!
• Classes of Cardio and Strength Training
• Commit to 4 – 5 Morning Classes Per Week
• Customized Daily Nutritional Menus For You
• Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
• Small Class Size - You Are My Focus!

The Program is called a "Revolution" from the Latin word Revolution which means "a turn around". At last, YOU will be able to enjoy the health, fitness, and sustainable lifestyle changes you've wanted.

Real People. Real Results.

Vicki Kane

“I love the energy, the people in class, the supportive encouragement from the staff, and the results that I CONTINUE to get. I love PBK!”

Regina O'Shea

Regina is an individual who loves to travel and live life to its absolute fullest with her friends and family.
She has obtained the perfect balance of healthy living and enjoying her {very busy} social life, which is why she looks incredible on her birthday this year, having lost 15 pounds & 4.4% body fat while gaining 2% muscle tone!

Heather Morrison

“I had to take a 50-pound weight loss picture to document this journey! Periodically I'll post progress pictures to maybe help motivate someone who felt hopeless like I did. I needed help and taking that step to ask for it changed my life.
The women who run this nutrition and fitness program are just plain awesome. Next stop: 60!"

Megan Bartell

Twenty-nine-year-old Megan Bartell is a single mom to her sweet seven-year-old son and also a hardworking nurse. With such a compassionate nature, she has always put everyone's needs above her own, especially her aspirations for a more fit lifestyle, until she came to Whole Body Revolution. "I finally made this change to be healthier for me and Noah. He inspires me. When it gets hard, he is my motivation," said Megan. Since joining Whole Body Revolution, Megan has lost just under 30 pounds and has run two 5k races! 

Lee Mansour

Eight weeks ago, Lee started our program with hopes of feeling stronger as she overcame medical obstacles dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. As of today, Lee is feeling 25 pounds lighter, has lost 5.7% body fat and additionally has gained 2.6% muscle! 

Joan & Kristin

Joan has lost over 40 lbs. and 8.8% body fat!

Kristin has lost 25 lbs. and 7.2% body fat!

Personal Best has been my home since I was little, and aside from having the best family I could ever ask for, I am convinced that PBK has given me the foundation to overcome any obstacle placed in my path. As a kid I already understood the concept of goal setting, learned about commitment, and knew the value of respect, all because of Personal Best's philosophies and practices. Thank you Personal Best for inspiring me from Day 1, because at the age of 22 I live my life to the fullest, knowing my potential. When other people ask how I acquired such confidence and eloquence, I tell them Personal Best Karate!!!

Meghan Sadie


We just had an absolute great experience at Personal Best Karate. My son celebrated his fifth birthday. We had fifteen guests ranging from 3 to 9 years old and they all had a great time. The instructors were excellent, kept the kids engaged, took care of EVERYTHING (pizza, dishes, forks,...). I was very impressed with the party and would definitely recommend to others for a birthday party.

Sarah Mabardy


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