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What’s Your Magic Formula for Reigniting Your Focus?

What’s Your Magic Formula for Reigniting Your Focus?

Posted: April 08, 2020

Have you ever felt drained, tired or frustrated? I think we all have.  Being human allows us to, whether we want to or not, experience the kaleidoscope of emotions.  Experiencing negative emotions is inevitable, but recovering from them as quickly as you need to is what’s most important.  While everyone has the way that fits them best, if you haven’t cracked the code of what works best for you, consider these two categories; exercise and meditation.  

Exercise provides movement, increasing blood flow and releasing chemicals in the brain that alter the way you feel.  Research studies have shown time and time again the powerful and positive effect that getting your heart rate up has on altering how you feel.  

Meditation, on the other hand, seems to be the complete opposite at first glance, but actually isn’t.  Think about when you see a stressed-out person. If you look closely you will see shallow breathing, unnecessary tension in their muscles and in their facial expression.  What does meditation do? For starters, it changes the way they breathe. Short, rapid, shallow breathing is replaced by long, slow, deep breathing that fully oxygenates the body and brain.  The body slowly lets go of unnecessary tension through deliberate relaxation, at times combined with visual imagery of scenes that bring a sense of calm. So which way is better? Answer: The one that feels best to you.  The same person may use both techniques but at different times. For example, a 5-10 minute meditation session while at work may immediately lessen stress on-the-job, while a brisk exercise session on the weekend might enhance your general outlook and make you feel better overall.

Whatever the solution, develop the habit of not lingering for long periods of time in an unfocused state.  Instead, break it in a healthy way and get back to feeling like you can conquer the world.