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What makes a person be called, “A Total Package?”

Posted: August 12, 2019

When you hear the phrase “total package” who or what comes to your mind? While it may depend on the activity it typically reserved for those who have distinguished themselves at a high level in a particular area but have done so while still maintaining a balance that makes them full and complete.

We can’t call a teacher a “total package” if his command of the curriculum is strong but he has no rapport with his students.

We can’t call a business person a “total package” if her success has come at the expense of her family.

We can’t call a fitness professional a “total package” if he has bulging muscles but is mentally a ball of stress.

As you look at these three quick examples each has accomplished at the expense of another aspect of their life. No matter what position you have artistic, athletic or academic you need to be mindful of the three parts of you, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual and give each the attention it needs to grow and be healthy. This month we will do a deep dive into “The Three Layers of You” and give you plenty of food for thought. For now a great question for you to consider is, “for you to consider yourself a “total package” what changes do you feel need to be tweaked to get you the result you want.

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