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The Other B Word

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

With the start of a new school year it seems likely that your child could be at the same risk of being bullied as any other child at their school.  As parents, this can make us feel vulnerable since they are away from our immediate protection.  I’m happy to share, there is a very real strategy that can be used to minimize the likelihood your child will be targeted.  

Having the experience of working in over 30 public and private schools over the past 10 years I have definitely seen patterns that tend to make certain children immune to being targeted.

One of the most important attributes I have shared and witnessed is the mindset of being a “buddy”.  It seems the children in class who either naturally are predisposed or have created the habit of saying “Hi” each day, being happy for successes and sharing empathy in the face of setbacks to all their classmates actually keep your child safe.  

Buddying is a proactive mindset that helps to build and strengthen relationships among your child’s classmates over time.   It also develops valuable social habits that will become more and more important as your child grows through elementary junior high and high school.  

Instead of spending time wishing and hoping bullying doesn’t come your child’s way, instead invest your time talking with your child about and developing the habits of being a “buddy” to all their classmates.      

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