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The Lecture And The Example

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

How many sayings do you recall from your childhood that your parents used to
quote? As I think about the ones that most resonate with me are the ones I find
repeating to my own daughters (something I swore I would never do… oh well!)

Continuing to reinforce basic principles of living is important as it helps to crystalize
thinking around a particular situation. For example, my mom used to say, “I cried
when I didn’t have shoes, until I saw a man that had no feet.” To this day it reminds
me to keep perspective regarding my wants in life.

What also has been tremendously valuable to me is the example that was set. Many
times I witnessed selfless acts as a boy and just came to accept this was how to be.
As parents, I believe our highest responsibility is to set the best example we can for
our children. Those include examples of how to talk, how to eat, how to live a
healthy life, how to interact with the people around us, how to speak about someone
who is not present, how to deal with conflict, how to persevere, how to have courage
and how to set and attain goals.

To do a great job teaching real life, parents do not have to be perfect either. The
more your children see you as humans who make mistakes the more it will not feel
so foreign for them when they make their mistakes.
As I see it, the lectures help to drive the points home and give us easy ways to
remember concepts and situations. The example creates the actions that create the
ingrained habits. Both are needed to create a strong foundation on which your child
will pile future successes. So if you haven’t felt the gratitude for the dedication to
the lecture and the example, let me assure you one day you will.

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