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The antidote for a lack of confidence

The antidote for a lack of confidence - a gratitude list

Posted: May 25, 2019

Excerpt from Be Your Personal Best: Confidence by Master Christopher Rappold

Lacking self-confidence is a focus on not being enough. Coming from this feeling, it is no wonder it feels hard to get out of your own way. The good news is there is a way you can take control of this feeling of not having enough. It starts with a simple inventor of what you have.

Think about it: how much would someone have paid 20 years ago for the phone you carry in your pocket today? How much would someone in 1995 have paid for the total and complete access you have to the internet today? How much would a person have paid who died of a disease that today has a cure? The answer to each of these questions is so big that it can’t be defined. The challenge is because we are so close to what we have, we tend to take it for granted. By taking the time to read through and continually add to all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for, instead of coming from a place of lack you start to change your feeling to coming from a place of abundance.

Start with the obvious and grow your list. Food, and not just food, but the variety of food that wasn’t even available ten years ago. Clothing but not just nice clothing but the choices of stores and styles that didn’t exist prior to this time. And there’s also shelter - do you realize in your community right now there are people who do not have a warm place to sleep in the winter or a cool place in the summer?

Start with these and be on the lookout each day for the big things (food, clothing and shelter) and the small things (the person who let you pull out in traffic or the person who smiled at you) you appreciate.

A great way to stay in touch and in tune with this is to be of service to others. Join a movement or a service organization that provides something of value to those less fortunate. It will keep your feet on the ground and provide a continual reminder of all the things to be grateful for.

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