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Setting Yourself And Your Child Up For A Successful Summer Of Fun

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

As with many parents, the feeling of summer and the children being out of school brings dreams of carefree unscheduled relaxation.  Days filled with sun, fun, contentment and laughter.  And while the season does usher in opportunities like this, being a parent for the past 16 years I can tell you it also can create, “I’m bored”, “There is nothing to do”, as well as a general slip in the positive lifestyle habits and routines that the school year helped to build.  Gone unnoticed, a summer can turn into a slide into a bottomless hole of Netflix and TV watching.  

With this in mind, I wanted to share some advanced thinking so that you can be a step ahead in the planning process for your family.  Continuing with a theme I started in a recent blog, I do believe keeping yourself physically, mentally and spiritually growing is not a seasonal activity, rather it is a year-round lifestyle.  

I don’t look at summer as an opportunity to do nothing.  I greatly benefit from the recharge and love the downtime summer presents.  I am a fan of the outdoor activities that we are unable to enjoy in the colder months, but after a couple days of relaxation and recharge - I am ready for a little routine.  I don’t need four to eight weeks to untie my knots.  Little breaks in the action each day and week keep me operating at the best version on myself. 

As I look to impart this onto my family, I look for activities we can enjoy that will provide physical, mental and spiritual stimulation. Though the children aren’t married to the routine of a school year, I want the two months away from school to support their long-term growth and development.  

To support this kind of thinking, Personal Best is pulling out all the stops this summer. We are ensuring our training blends consistent physical stimulation and a positive behavioral curriculum to keep minds focused while still being plenty of fun.

As you know, this summer in Rio is the 2016 Summer Olympics.  We will be celebrating the Olympic spirit in everything we do within each summertime class.  We will have themed activities that will promote being a well-rounded martial artist, Olympic displays throughout our school, optional rewards based extra curricular physical, mental and spiritual challenges students can complete each week, as well as the usual fun and surprises that are a part of every summer.   We have carefully designed this so that our new or most seasoned students will love and benefit from the training this summer.  

Contrary to what some may believe, summer can be amazingly fun without needing to put your ongoing growth and development on the back burner.  We look forward to taking you through the Olympic adventure this summer.   Don’t miss out!

If you would like to have your child try our award-winning character based martial arts program that will reinforce family value and teach mental and physical skills to ensure they are safe, please go to the registration page.
I promise you that our team of highly-skilled martial arts teachers and mentors will make you and your family feel right at home.