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Personal Best Pillars...

Posted: January 26, 2023

Each month at Personal Best our curriculum focuses on one philosophical aspect of self-development.  Each of the 12 months represent one key concept to honor our individual Personal Best potential.

Why are these 12 concepts referred to as pillars?  A pillar in architecture is structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below.  It is the provider of essential support.  It holds everything exactly in place so the structure can be used for its intended purpose.  I think each of us have an intended purpose as well.  When taken together and used consistently, all 12 pillars enable us to fulfill our intended purpose through the unleashing of our full potential.

So what are the 12 Pillars necessary for someone to reach their full potential?  Taken together they address a wholistic view of who we are.  Being your Personal Best is more than punching, kicking, being able to defend yourself in a fight or wearing a belt, though all that you will learn at a very high level if you commit to your training.

 Imagine how good you and your family could be with a solid age-appropriate working command of the importance of just the first 3 Pillars.

What are the first three Pillars….

Take Action – As you well know, without the ability to stick to habits and take steps there will be no forward progress towards realizing worthy long-term goals.  We NEVER outgrow the need to take action?   

Find a Role Model
– We all can compress time with the right information given to us at the right time.  Without a mentor, you are playing a guessing game and leaving your results to chance.  The world benefits when we have positive role models in our life to save us unnecessary mistakes.

Be a Role Model
– Mentoring others provides the feeling of contribution beyond yourself.  It creates connection and it reinforces the importance of ensuring our actions are congruent with our mentoring advice.  The immeasurable positive impact and motivation to yourself and the benefit to others makes this habit a very powerful and tangible way to make yourself and the people around you better.

Next BLOG I am going to drill down a bit deeper on the first pillar and share a framework you can use to start a car ride, dinner time or bedtime conversation with your children.  Hearing it in class and then getting reinforcement from you creates a powerful one two punch that will help to solidify their understanding.

As a PBK adult student, we never outgrow the importance of the pillars.  The only difference is how they are presented in class.  Each week you will have a focus phrase shared at the end of class for you to think about.  This will provide a simple way to keep your mind, body and spirit growing.  If you are familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues then you know he used this very strategy in his life to become his best self.  Each week he would focus on one virtue and work to improve it and bring it more fully into his daily life.  The following week he would do the same and then repeat the process at the end of the 13th week.  I think if the practice worked for him there may be some great value for us too.