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Personal Best Karate

In order to carry a Positive Action we must carry here a Positive Vision - Dalai Lama

Posted: January 20, 2022

 by Christopher Rappold


Each month at Personal Best our curriculum focuses on one philosophical aspect of self-development. Each of the 12 months represent one key to honoring our individual Personal Best potential.


Why are these 12 concepts referred to as pillars?  A pillar in architecture is structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. It is the provider of essential support. It holds everything exactly in place so the structure can be used for its intended purpose. I think each of us have an intended purpose as well. When Taken together and used consistently, all 12 pillars enable us to fulfill our intended purpose through the unleashing of our full potential.


This past week, the very first week of 2021, we saw images that were not normal for our country to witness. Images of violence, invasion and destruction in a building that is normally viewed as a sacred space. As our country heals from this most unfortunate incident, let's all take action of sharpening up our vision for the ideals our country stands for and how we should treat each other.


Like all challenges we face, let's take the lessons we can learn and leave any negative feelings behind. Let's focus on a positive vision for ourselves, our families, our community and our country. Instead of pointing the finger at others, let's point the finger back at ourselves and make sure the actions we are taking represent and lead to a better tomorrow.


I know, despite what happens in or around me, I am at my best when I exercise and practice martial arts (active meditation). It gives my days and weeks little victories, that when stacked together, increase my drive, desire and ability to give more. When I combine this with eating clean, getting enough rest and meditating (passive meditation) I am making progress towards the positive vision I am working towards.


I know for me this works as the perfect antidote against uncertainty. Let's invest in some additional Positive Action to drown out the negatives and keep ourselves strong. Upwards and onwards in 2021 and beyond!