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How To Maximize Your Mental Certainty To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Posted: February 04, 2022

A close friend of mine was looking to make some improvements in a few areas of his life. Over a period of months and several conversations it became more and more clear to me that despite the desire to improve, the likelihood of it happening was slim. The reason for my negative assessment was that through no fault of his own he was dealing with some major life challenges having to do with his family as well as a few small, but unsettling low level health challenges including low energy.

Despite best efforts, in no uncertain terms, my friend was failing at being able to make meaningful forward progress in the area he wanted to improve and was feeling frustrated. As if this wasn't enough because of the complexity of his life, his outside social circles had begun to shrink only leaving a handful of friends that were ill equipped to provide help.

I suggested to my friend some habits I have maintained over my life that were particularly helpful in both the valleys and the high-points of my life. Nothing complicated, nothing hard to do but unfortunately easy not to do. Seeing he needed more than the infrequency of our contact, I suggested a couple motivational podcasts and a few easy read simple books. Because of the time crunch my friend was in, he opted not to read the books but rather to listen to the audios that he found online.

What a change I started to see. First it was just the motivation in the form of more energy... much more pep in his step. Second, he was very excited to share with me the things he was listening to and the small almost effortless tweaks he started to make. One podcast lead to the next, which lead to the next influencer which lead to a local group my friend decided to get involved in and before long he was back on the track he wanted to be on. He also, as a result, stepped up his physical training which also contributed to the improvements.

The long and short of it was what was lacking in my friends life at the time was the consistency of a role model around him. So rather than waiting for one to appear, he took change and created the input he needed to get him going and feeling stronger. Role models come in person, in books online in podcasts in documentaries in online courses etc. It's a beautiful world of resources around us all if we just avail ourselves of the right input.

So with one month into 2022 how are you doing? Could you use a daily dose of the right kind of input to create momentum for yourself? Keep an eye out for a series of Personal Best Tips I am posting on our Facebook pages, they are small meaningful habits that when implemented work. Also, If you want my list of books, podcast recommendations or need a little help finding your way, shoot me an email Founder@personalbestkarate.com of where you are and what you are looking to create for yourself. Though I may not have your perfect answer one thing I know for sure is that I can point you in the right direction to get the role model input you need! Let's work together to make this year your best year!