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Four Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Classroom Teacher

Posted: December 26, 2017

By Master Christopher Rappold


Every May at Personal Best we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. It provides students an opportunity in a very special public demonstration to show how much their teacher is appreciated. Going hand in hand with that here are a few other ideas you can use to show your child’s teacher how much they are valued.

  1. Write it down in a Note. An email or even better an hand written note is a great way for you to collect your thoughts and recognize the work that has been done all years to help your child improve. It’s unfortunate but true that often teachers only hear the complaints. How refreshing it feels when you read a note of sincere and honest thanks.


  1. Send in a Gift – could be flowers, a gift certificate or something fresh baked. Children need to and in most cases genuinely enjoy presenting a gift to a teacher. Take the time to let him know that they were thought of.


  1. Volunteer – If you have the opportunity, take the time with the remainder of time in school to donate some of your time to help out in class. Remember, each day teachers fight the battle of being outnumbered. You know how it feels if a couple of kids are being uncooperative in the back seat, imagine a whole classroom. You don’t need a particular skills just a willingness to be helpful can brighten a teachers day.


  1. Teach your child how to express appreciation. Hearing from a child is always a nice treat. If your child is young start them off with a sentence life: I like my teacher because…. Because of you I feel like I am much better this year at …. My top five favorite moments in your classroom this year were….

Sad but true, the percentage of Thank you notes and gestures of appreciation are very low, but are very needed and amazingly appreciated. Take the time this month to start a new tradition of showing your teacher appreciation during their special month of the year.


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