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Personal Best Karate

Four sentences to start your new year

Posted: May 17, 2019

A center piece of the Personal Best philosophy has always been our Student Creed. As the New Year begins and you have had a chance to rethink and refocus, here are a few commitments that may help. They are ACTIONS STEPS, inspired by the four sentences that start every class. In fact, they are taken literally off the walls of Personal Best. Sometimes the answers we are looking for are right in front of us.

Student Creed #1

  • I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth and my physical health.
  • Make a commitment to do at least one thing each day to develop yourself in to be better than you were yesterday.
  • Commit this year to clean yourself from at least one bad habit and one disempowering relationship that is holding you back from your goals.

Student Creed #2

  • I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
  • Add one daily discipline that you know would have a major impact on your health, wealth or happiness.
  • Actions are Caught Before They are Taught! - Commit that you are going to be an example to the people around you.

Student Creed #3

  • I will use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and my fellow man and never be abusive or offensive.
  • Commit this year to take a stand and step up for a cause or something you feel passionate about. Start small or large, but make a difference to something or someone that needs help.
  • Commit to increase your ability to influence and decrease tendencies to get things by demand or intimidation.

Student Creed #4

  • We are a Black Belt School; we are dedicated, we are motivated we are on a quest to be our best.
  • Commit to being a Black Belt in life. Don’t dabble; make a decision to master that which is important to you.
  • Choose this year to have a laser focus on truly being your Personal Best.!

The Personal Best Team is committed to helping you make 2014 your best year ever. We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Christopher Rappold