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Five More Tips To Bring Gratitude Into Your Child’s Life Without Them Knowing

Posted: May 17, 2019

By Master Christopher Rappold

Here are the next five tips to bring gratitude into your child’s life without them knowing. Check the blog before to see the first five tips and you will end up with a grateful child.

6. The difference between rights and privileges - As adults I think we get the difference much easier than children do.  A little education in this area can go a long way.  It is right to have clothing to keep your body warm; it is a privilege to have designer outfits.  It is a right to be able to communicate; it is a privilege to have the latest smart phone.   It is a right as a citizen of this country to have an education; it is a privilege to be able to participate in all of the extra-curricular activities. 

7. Start a meal with gratitude - Have each member of the family go around the table and share something they are grateful for.  Similar to prayer, it puts mindfulness back into family time and encourages conversations. 

8. Give you child everything they need but not everything they want – What does your child need: food, clothing, shelter, education and love.   Take the pressure off yourself to keep up.  As long as you are doing your best and giving love especially in the area of time and thoughtful attention chances are you are doing a great job. 

9. Encourage helping without being asked – A sign that your child is really starting to understand to when they offer help without being asked.  With some getting to this point may take years.  Do not let that discourage you from privately pointing out opportunities that your child could be of better help.

10. Interpret news through your eyes – While I am not a fan of watching the news or reading the newspapers, a steady diet of everything that is wrong with the world will surely find its way to your child. When it does, use it as a teachable lesson to point out how fortunate your family is to not have to deal with such terrible situations. While drawing comparison to others that have it worse make sure to keep it on gratitude not guilt for lacking appreciation. 

Incorporate the ten steps into your communication and watch how effortlessly over time your child develops the attitude of gratitude.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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