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Don't let negative people occupy space in your head

Don't let negative people occupy space in your head!

Posted: May 25, 2019

Raise the Rent and Kick Them Out!

Excerpt from Be Your Personal Best: Focus by Master Christopher Rappold

Ever wonder how many different morning routines there are to get ready for school or work in the morning? Some start by jumping in the shower, others start by brushing their teeth and washing their face. Others fix their bed and lay out their clothes. What is important to understand is there are probably a thousand different sequences, none right or wrong, just different. Some may be slightly quicker, some, based on the person doing them may seem more logical but all generally lead to the same end goal of getting ready in the morning.

Ask five different people about their best advice on nutrition or exercise. You will likely get 5 different strategies. What can be even more confusing is that often the experts differ in their opinion as much as the novice trainers.

With so many different opinions on every subject from the trivial to critical, how do you keep them straight and determine which one to follow? The simple answer is your own personal results.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice of how to do things. You can be courteous and listen to opinions but at the same time be firm in what you choose to use to shape your habits or decisions. In life, one size doesn’t fit all equally. Everyone is different. What is good for one person and helps to get a result may not work for you even if it is followed precisely.

Opinions become less confusing when you are clear on what your goals are. When you commit to only give focused attention to those ideas that have a high probability of increasing the certainty or speed at which your goal is attained you free up energy that can be applied in other important areas. All opinions may be discussed as part of a social conversation but you do not need to feel compelled to make someone else’s strong opinion your own.

Remember to ask yourself, “Is the opinion important?” meaning, “Does it has the potential to impact your goals?” If it is not, then be careful of letting it steal more attention that you are willing to give it.

Second, does someone’s opinion have the ability to impact the certainty or speed of you reaching your goal? If it does, then listen. Ask the person, “If I followed your strategy, how long do you feel it would take me to determine whether the strategy is working?” You can now proceed with the confidence to know that within a finite time period you will accurately be able to determine if the opinion is the correct procedure for you to follow. How will you know for sure? If you get the result it is, if you don’t then it’s time to start to look for something better.

 By following this simple strategy, you are now able to cut through the noise of competing opinions protect the energy of your focus and get to what really matters.

Master Christopher Rappold has authored many books on personal development as well as self-defense and bullying strategies. His book Be Your Personal Best: Focus helps you to learn how to focus and keep your distractions at bay. If you would like a free copy of this book, please click here.

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