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Personal Best Karate

8 Commitments and 100 Check-ins with Yourself

Posted: January 14, 2022

Happy New Year!  Each January presents the perfect time to step up your game and make some new gains in the areas of your life that are most important. The holiday break and New Years often provide some nice reflection time to rethink and refocus your daily actions. To this end, I would like to give you a fresh perspective on how the Personal Best Student Creed that you will say 100 times this year can be used to serve as a weekly reminder of the commitments you set for 2021.

Student Creed #1

  • Make a commitment to do at least one thing each day to develop yourself to be better than you were yesterday
  • Commit this year to continually clearing yourself from at least one bad habit and one dis-empowering relationship that is holding you back from your being the best version of you.

Student Creed #2

  • Add one daily discipline that you know would have a major impact on your health, well-being, relationships and happiness.
  • Actions are Caught Before They are Taught! - Commit that you are going to be an example to the people around you. 

Student Creed #3

  • Strengthen your commit this year to take a stand and step up for a cause or something you feel passionate about. Start small or large, either way make a difference to something or someone that needs help.
  • Commit to increase your ability to be compassionate and decrease tendencies to pre-judge. 

Student Creed #4

  • Commit to being a Black Belt in life. Don't dabble; make a decision to master that which is important to you.
  • Take the lessons from 2020 and leave the bitterness, fear, anger, division, overwhelm uncertainty and doubt. Choose this year to have a laser focus on truly being your Personal Best!

As an organization, our team remains dedicated to making this an incredible year for all of our families. I am honored to have you with us as we start the celebration of PBK's 30th year of providing martial arts training to the families and communities we serve.  Let's continue to live our best life together!