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7 Steps To A Great School Year

Posted: May 17, 2019

7 Steps to a Great School Year

By Master Christopher Rappold

1. Establish Rules for success

  • Decide in advance what the bed time, TV time, phone time and all other boundaries will be to ensure there is no confusion or distraction when school starts.

2. Prepare homework space

  • Nothing is better than to sit down to an area that is well laid out with everything your child will need without distractions

3. Make sure to schedule free time

  • In the quest for academic greatness remember, all work and no play is a recipe for disaster. Ensure that your child has ample time to play and recharge.

4. Make early and frequent contact with teachers

  • Nothing could be more important to a smooth school year than strong relationship you forge with your child’s teacher. The investment of time will pay off tenfold in reducing needless hassles and miscommunications.

5. Know your child’s friends

  • Who your child chooses to have the most face time with is as important as the grades they get. Get to know their friends so that you can help understand the dynamics of school at a whole other level.

6. Listen twice as much as you speak

  • We are all great at giving the lecture. Let’s get better at asking leading questions and then taking the time to listen. There is a lot our children will teach us in how they explain themselves. Take the time.

7. Balance being firm and friend

Remember it is not either Firm or Friend it is firm AND friend. You need the opposing balances of both for long term growth and development.

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