Do you feel you need a personal trainer to get healthy but can’t afford one?

Our Whole Body Revolution Program gives you that one-on-one attention for half the cost, including your customized daily meal plans. Call today to get on board with this morning program! Limited spots available.

Here’s how it works!

  • Eight Week Morning Program, Start Anytime!
  • Classes of Cardio and Strength Training are at 5:30 a.m., 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.
  • Commit to 4 – 5 Morning Classes Per Week
  • Customized Daily Nutritional Menus For All Your Food
  • Weekly Measurements and Weigh-Ins
  • Low Teacher to Student Ratio – You Are Our Main Focus!
  • Only $350 For This Amazing Opportunity To Get Your Life On Track!

Testimonials and Reviews

Vicki Kane

Group Fitness Norton

“I love the energy, the people in class, the supportive encouragement from the staff, and the results that I CONTINUE to get. I love PBK!”
– Vicki Kane


Regina O'Shea

Group Fitness Norton


Regina is an individual who loves to travel and live life to its absolute fullest with her friends and family. She has obtained the perfect balance of healthy living and enjoying her {very busy} social life, which is why she looks incredible on her birthday this year, having lost 15 pounds & 4.4% body fat while gaining 2% muscle tone!


Heather Morrison

Group Fitness Norton

“I had to take a 50-pound weight loss picture to document this journey! Periodically I'll post progress pictures to maybe help motivate someone who felt hopeless like I did. I needed help and taking that step to ask for it changed my life. The women who run this nutrition and fitness program are just plain awesome. Next stop: 60!"
– Megan Morrison


Megan Bartell

Group Fitness Norton

Twenty-nine-year-old Megan Bartell is a single mom to her sweet seven-year-old son and also a hardworking nurse. With such a compassionate nature, she has always put everyone's needs above her own, especially her aspirations for a more fit lifestyle, until she came to Whole Body Revolution. "I finally made this change to be healthier for me and Noah. He inspires me. When it gets hard, he is my motivation," said Megan. Since joining Whole Body Revolution, Megan has lost just under 30 pounds and has run two 5k races! 


Lee Mansour

Group Fitness Norton

Eight weeks ago, Lee started our program with hopes of feeling stronger as she overcame medical obstacles dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. As of today, Lee is feeling 25 pounds lighter, has lost 5.7% body fat and additionally has gained 2.6% muscle! 


Be The Next Success Story!

Our whole body revolution Classes Are Located In

  • Norton
  • Raynham


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