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Tracy Rappold

My name is Tracy Rappold, I am a 4th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor at Personal Best.  When I started down my path toward improved wellness over 20 years ago, it was life-changing for me.  I found myself at a place where I was sick due in part to being unhealthy and a lack of regular investment in myself.  With a busy life, I just wasn’t making the time and didn’t know where to start.  

When I came to Personal Best I was so transformed by the experience.  With each passing week and month, my habits changed, my nutrition improved, my strength, flexibility and endurance became stronger.   My mindset changed as well.  I improved my outlook and started to understand more and more what it meant to be my Personal Best. 

The personal growth I experienced inspired me to want to share my journey with others. I have been a part of the Personal Best Karate family for over 20 years, and during that time, my love of what happens when students are brought through the Personal Best curriculum has only grown. When I see young children who are excited and happy about their experience with martial arts, it fills me with joy.  When I see teens find their safe place to learn and grow I am inspired.  And when I see adults of all ages find a team of like-minded individuals to train alongside relieve stresses while getting in the best shape of their life, it make me feel blessed.  
Choosing the right mentors and coaches in your life is an important decision.   You want to know the person cares about you and takes the time to understand your particular goals and will follow through with you to make them a reality.  I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students and find no greater joy in life than honoring potential and seeing people realize their true capabilities. 

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