Stephanie McGrath in Norton - Personal Best Karate

Stephanie McGrath

My name is Stephanie McGrath and I am a 2nd Degree Black belt and instructor at Personal Best Karate of Medfield. When I was 11 years old Personal Best did an after school program at my middle school and I was hooked. I started training at the Foxboro location and within months I was helping out with our Ranger program (4-7 year olds), as much as possible. Eventually I was offered a job as an assistant instructor when I was 14 and I was thrilled. I am now the Head Instructor at the Medfield location.

I love being able to help students see their potential that I see in them. When a student struggles on a specific move or form and they persevere and finally get it after much practice, those are the moments I teach for: to see the joy on their face and the realization that they were able to do something they thought they would never be able to do. Parents are amazed with the progress they see in their children in short amount of times. The way the Personal Best teaching system is set up allows students to learn in a positive environment which makes them try hard and have fun while learning. As teachers, we are taught to look for the good in every situation. When that happens, the students will see the positive attention they get when doing the right thing as a role model.

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