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Stacey Caron

My name is Stacey Caron and I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor and the Program Director at Personal Best Karate of Foxboro. I began my journey in martial arts after I graduated from college and began a job in Boston. My first approach to martial arts was out of a desire to protect myself.  When I relocated to the Foxboro area and I knew I wanted to find a quality school to continue my training, Personal Best was just what I was looking for.  The culture from the beginning was warm and inviting.  The program blended traditional martial arts, which felt authentic with very functional skills that were very effective and easy to learn --it felt like the best of both worlds.  

I have been training in Personal Best’s blended martial arts program for 13 years. After a short time, I started assisting in teaching Personal Best’s 4-7 year old program and fell in love with it.  The transformation I saw in the self-control, concentration and respect as well as the students’ ability to gain greater coordination of their physical movements over time made me a believer in the Personal Best approach to teaching. To work with this age group requires a specific skill set. 

 I am proud of the continual training and mentoring our team goes through to be able to have such a positive impact on so many children in the community. Having someone in you or your child’s corner who is as passionate about helping you achieve your goals is a huge advantage.  Every victory I can be a part of, regardless of the age of the students, makes me feel great which is why I love what I do.  

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