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Rolando Perez

My name is Rolando Perez and I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt. My family immigrated to the US from Cuba when I was young. Not speaking the language, we settled in a Port Elizabeth, NJ, a rather rough area to grow up. I was small as a child and was often picked on. I was shy, afraid and not able to use my full potential. My family could not afford karate lessons so my sister got a part-time job and paid for my lessons.  I loved it and immersed myself in my training. Through my martial arts training, the fear went away and the shyness gave way to self-confidence.   As a result of this experience I understood the power of what a well-taught martial arts program can do for children.
As the Chief Instructor of Personal Best Karate in Medfield, I bring the same level of interest and commitment in each of my students that my instructors took in me.  I love working with children and teaching them Personal Best’s character based martial arts curriculum.  It builds their confidence, reinforces making healthy choices, and helps them achieve a high level of fitness.  The program also provides each student the tools and strategies they need to keep themselves safe from bullies.  I believe it gives children a strong sense of self and a huge advantage in life.  Children graduating our program stand tall and feel confident from the inside out and I am very proud of that.  

The Personal Best curriculum for teens and adults is fantastic as well.  It is taught in an age-appropriate manner and helps to decrease stress by reinforcing mindfulness.  It has been carefully designed to allow you to steadily improve your fitness while teaching easy to learn and very effective self-defense skills.  The environment is positive, encouraging and safe.  My own wife, Sue, is a student in the school and successfully earned her Black Belt ranking in our program.  

Every positive step a student takes in the direction of their goals, regardless of the age of the student, makes me feel great --which is why I feel so fortunate to be able to bring Personal Best Karate’s amazing programing to Medfield and the surrounding areas. 

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