Matthew Drain in Norton - Personal Best Karate

Matthew Drain

My name is Matthew Drain and I am a 3rd-degree black belt and instructor. Growing up I was an emotional, uncoordinated and self-critical child. These shortcomings stirred my interest in martial arts at a young age. I saw the cartoon “Samurai Jack” and was amazed that despite his own weaknesses and faults he could overcome both emotional and physical danger. I desperately wanted to be like Jack. I wanted to be stronger and better able to handle my feelings as I was often the smallest and least mature of my peers.

My life changed when I walked into Personal Best Karate. I joined karate because I thought it would make me invincible and that I would never fail at anything ever again. I wanted to be like my father, who was also a martial artist. I stayed with karate as the instructors taught me to learn from my mistakes, without looking down on myself or others and to hold myself to a high standard. The warm and lighthearted sense of community created in the school allowed me to accept that I was imperfect while still striving for excellence.

I was inspired to help others overcome the challenges of life and have been teaching at Personal Best for the past seven years. Seeing students of all ages overcome internal struggles and realize their self-worth motivates me and is why I love what I do. I am grateful for the patience and understanding of my instructors and am eager to extend the same to my students.

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