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Dana Rappold

My name is Dana Rappold and I am a 4th Degree Black Belt. Although my martial arts training at Personal Best began in my adult years, looking back, I can’t believe the improvement I was able to make in my life. Though after watching so many children and teens have great success with goal setting, confidence building and the ability to make the right choices on the spot, I often find myself wishing I had had the opportunity as a child. 

As a Master Instructor at Personal Best Karate in Easton, it is my passion to help students achieve their goals.  The curriculum is age-appropriate and provides just the right amount of challenge to help students create a strong, fit body, a focused mind and clear lifestyle habits.   The Personal Best program honors the potential that each student brings and truly believes in everyone’s ability to achieve greatness. 

Over the past 14 years I have had the privilege of watching students overcome the progressive physical and mental challenges the program lays before them.   Each time this happens, a student’s capacity grows and they have an expanded vision of what is possible.  Everyone needs someone to believe in their potential, it is my honor to be that person for my students and to be on the journey side by side helping them discover the power of being their Personal Best.  

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