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Christopher Rappold

My name is Christopher Rappold and I am a 6th Degree Black Belt, 5 Time World Karate Champion, Master Instructor and founder of Personal Best Karate.  I remember as a boy watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris look danger in the eye with confidence, and from that young age linked that martial arts was going to be the vehicle to help me learn those physical and mental skills.

In my teen years I became fascinated with what were the distinctions that enabled some people to accomplish great things while others seemed to fall short of their potential. After years of martial arts study, a college degree in Exercise Science, the opportunity to mentor under world class masters and becoming a top rated national competitor in sport karate, I opened Personal Best Karate.  This was my chance to formally share the frameworks of physical training and winning mindset I had rigorously put to the test in competition and make it available for the first time to people of all ages. 

The approach I have used is based on principles of living that will effortlessly unlock the potential that lies within.  It has been refined over 25 years and its methods tested on tens of thousands of people.   The result is a curriculum that provides a world-class continuous education to keep students involved at their physical and mental best.

Along the way I am proud to say we have earned local, regional and national awards for the work our school does for our students and the communities we serve.  Martial Arts instructors from all over the world have visited our schools to see the methods we use to enjoy the success we have.  We are proud to contribute to and have an ongoing network with the top 5 percent of the most successful schools worldwide as we continue to do our part to be a co-creator in helping our students find and honor the amazing potential that lies within.

Today I am more committed than I have ever been to seeing to it that students gain the advantage that comes from this discipline so they are able to exceed their life's vision.

I truly hope our path's cross and that I am able to share my life's work with you.

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